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The foundation for a believable lie is the Truth!

Thus, one lays a foundation of Truth, then constructs a fabrication upon it.  Some may consider this a half-truth.  However, the last portion of the half-truth is the full intention, a lie to promote themselves or what they represent.

Lies becomes believable because of the foundation.

Inadvertent lies are abundant.  They are at times created by those intending to do good.  Inadvertent lies are created because of personal ignorance, a gossiper seeking attention, deception, or blindness.  They are all built upon a foundation.  Believable, inadvertent lies are built upon a foundation of truth.

Such constructs may become large edifices.  These become the dwelling place of many, living and dwelling in the lie.  These dwelling places encircle Social, Political, and Educational falsehoods mistakenly called Understanding.

The Enlightened hold to the foundation but reconstruct the edifice of falsehood into temples of truth and enlightenment.

'Truth' is trapped in a lie.  ש = three flames burning.  The Light of the three triads of the Tree of Life.  Some also claim three point reflect the foundation of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.   Consider the Light (ש) trapped in the word 'Conspiracy': קשר = qesher.

 n the same way, we see 'truth' turned into a 'lie".  It starts with 'light' (ש), but is made into a lie:

 שקר = sheqer (lie).[1]

 [1] Daniel C. Matt, The Zohar, Pritzker Edition, Volume One


Let's build carefully, lest we construct an elaborate lie, and many become inhabitants of that false construct!

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  • Half truth means! That half is concealed, not necessarily a half lie! Just because we don't know the other half, It doesn't makes it a lie! Once uncovered then you will know the whole truth!  

    • It depends upon the intent of the half-truth.  Yes, it is concealment.  

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