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Shekinah Glory (Rosicrucian Christ Corner)

When a person or organization offends YHVH in their deeds, attitudes, or doctrines, the Glory of the anointing is lifted.  This includes what is written, traditions presented, and doctrine. 

This is how an order, religion, spiritual group, or spiritual movement dies...  A member, or members arise and offend through what they insist contrary to the Holy Spirit. 

Moses was very much concerned about this when he prayed that the Creator grant him, His Presence.  King David likewise prayed: "take not Thy Holy Spirit from me."

Have you ever walked into a religious, or spiritual service which feels empty?

Any person wishing to have the fellowship YHVH by the Spirit of Christ, must fulfill the requirements for this fellowship.  Such fellowship, contrary to some misguided persons is NOT religion, it is pure spirituality.  Let all those who name the Name of God avoid offending YHVH, or any of His agents.

The Shekinah, is the Throne.  It descends from Yesod with praise, prayer, and other conditions worthy.  It is withdrawn when the spiritual odor is unpleasant.  This Divine Presence may rise to high levels on the Tree of life carrying those worthy into Heavenly bliss.


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  • Wow, I did not realize this could happen.... I believe I reached the space where I fellowshipped in the Spirit of Christ but I also feel like I have fallen away from it in the bitterness of how the CHURCH has acted. How and what can I do to revive the Shekinah Glory? (I have known for years that my name litterally means (WORSHIPER)! This is my reason for being here and I have failed!

    • Hello Gloria,

      For some reason, I did not get notification of your post/reply.  It was discovered today.  As YHVH wishes to have relationship with you, your interest in the same stimulates the Shekinah Presence in your life.  Jesus Christ is the Passover Lamb breaking the bonded of connection with the sitra ahra, "others", for those who believe in the New Covenant.  With ones own words and sincere intent The Covenent is made.  Keeping one's feet clean as they walk though this world is part of life.  Faith, then is your anchor.   Those who cannot clearly see Christ are only held to the standard of their own internal innocence or dishonesty.  YHVH is greater than anyones heart.  Though a person falls down many times, the heart of a righteous person get up each time and brushes themselves off.  

      All the best to you....


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