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Rosicrucian concepts articulated in new documentary film

Friends, I just got home from seeing a movie that I ought to bring to your attention. Titled "The Grounded," it explains how forces of nature, namely the electrical current of our planet, not only have a relationship to the human body, but if harnessed in a simple process in particular, actually can provide relief from pain and chronic conditions.

The film title refers to the practice of bringing the body either into direct contact with the earth, literally by walking, standing, sitting, laying in soil, or by plugging very basic equipment into the ground (earth), OR by plugging very simple equipment into the ground of an electrical socket. I'm sure it would surprise no Rosicrucian to see that bringing the body into direct contact (e.g. no shoes, etc.) with fresh soil means gaining benefits of the earth's energy. As regard the wall socket, it appeared that something like a phono plug goes into the socket's ground, and is connected by a simple cable to something that looks like a heating pad. By coming into contact with the pad--say, by sleeping on it at night--various people claimed to have been relieved of various chronic pains, inflammations, and even snoring. One man, said to be confined to a wheelchair for 30 years, was shown arising from his chair and walking with a walker. 

I think I'm not allowed to share URLs and such, but the movie is playing at The Quad, located on 13th Street, between Sixth and Seventh avenues in the Village. The director of the film was there this evening to introduce his production, and he even distributed free copies of an accompanying book titled "Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever?"

If you search for Kroschel Films The Grounded on the web, you'll find the movie's website, replete with a trailer and more information. I think you all will appreciate it.


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  • Thank you Frater Jay for the info on "Grounded" . I too like to see the releases of these new films and books.  Many happy returns to you....and a wonderful 2014.

  • Thank you, Frater Jay, for thinking of those of us who deal with inflammation-related pain issues!:-)!

    Yet another reason that I miss being in New York City!:-(!

    Will keep my eye open for "Grounded!"



  • Additional recommendations along this line of thought: Watch an older movie on Tesla's activities.   Books:  Look up the sacred geometries.

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