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Rosi-croix university

I was reading the rosicrucian manual by spencer lewisl in adition to the monographs and came about a section that speaks about the rosi-croix university and my attention was peaked, im wondering if anyone can tell me more or put me on to any thing that refferences the subject.

please and ty,

Ivan Casillas

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  • i have come to the understanding that perhaps the university itself is likened to that of "daath" or the realm of experience as taught in certain cabala syatems, that being said daath reffers to the application of the techniques found within the order used to cause an effect within the pysche or spiritual development of the individual, perhaps the "university" reffers to the use of the techniques used to begin the unfoldment of consciousness within the astral plane (dream world) perhaps the initiate seeks to graduate from this university. In short the rose-croix university serves using mystical means to aid the initiate as they evovle towardsthe rosi-croix sate of existence.

  • Dear fraters and sorrors,

    This will serve to take account of my experiences at the Rosicrucian cultural center. upon arriving at the center some one came out to greet myself and my friend almost as if by some foresight or as if i was expect, i was given books and greeted warmly, after a bit of talking one of our sorrors asked me if us if i wanted to join her in a preliminary meditation prior to the daily counsel of solice meditation, up to the temple we went and she lit the candles at the shekenah, some incense and we began the meditation, during the meditations we did some intoning words during this process even though we was alone it felt as if the room was full with people, my vibrating word stretched for what seemed like an enternity, and it almostfelt as if i was transported mentally to a monastery, and ive noticed that sometimes i get uncontrolled imagary that pops into my head during the meditations, yesterday in particular it was like an image of a rose blossoming but it was only for a moment and then it was gone.

  • it was fun i plan to go more often.

  • Frater Ivan, please do be gentle with them, everyone is at different levels and is a student. 
    You might bring a little treat to share although not necessary.

  • Hey Ivan,

    That is great - you will find that meeting other Rosicrucians for the first time is almost like going home for a family reunion - nothing to be nervous about.  

    Ivan Casillas said:

    im planing to go to the cultural center today to mingle with the other rosi-croix fraters and sorror's im so nervous lol

  • Great metaphysical questions that never really go away they just expand.

  • im planing to go to the cultural center today to mingle with the other rosi-croix fraters and sorror's im so nervous lol

  • fair enough.i wonder, does the universe only exist because humanity is alive to percieve it? if this is true then that means that everything around us is a faculty of consciousness.

  • From me, hopefully it not so much advice as an opportunity for me to share my perspective, my self through Rosicrucian mystical patterns. That is an exciting part of a group, the warm pressing in of self to find the center. And some believe that silence is more powerful in this regard.

  • ty  for the advice guys ^.^

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