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Numbers For Fun

Its time for another discussion topic with any and all numbers the focus.


The Kabbalah - Sacred Geometry - Gematria - Numerology - the Fibonacci Sequence - Number Theory - the Polarity of Odd/Even Numbers - the sky's the limit!!!


Numbers can be Sacred, Lucky, Unlucky - Numbers have Attributes and can reflect wholeness - oneness - infinity - new beginnings - the God Force - creation - cycles -not to mention negative aspects like 'fear of the unknown' - 'fear of change' - etc.  


For example - The cycle of 108 years is important to Rosicrucians - the number 108 is considered Sacred in many Eastern religions and traditions - Stonehenge is 108 feet in diameter - there are 108 cards in a UNO deck - in India 108 is called for emergencies - and so on.  (Please help me out here - looking for explanations)


(Wikipedia the source for some info)


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  • Hi Fr. Richard -


    Have you discovered any significant meaning of those numbers yet?

    108 and 256 are numbers that keep running through my mind

  • The other night while watching a History Channel rendering of Homer's Odyssey - which was much more interesting to watch than to read it - towards the end - after many trials and tribulations - if you could say a year spent with the sex goddess Circe - and then another seven years with a Nymph of unknown name to be trials - Odysseus is finally returning to his true love - Penelope - and to also reclaim his kingdom.  He arrives in Ithaca - dressed in tattered clothing - an unknown beggar so it seems - and discovers that there is a multitude of suitors just waiting for Penelope's hand in marriage.  After these twenty years or more of his absence she finally resigns herself to his 'death' and states that any man who could string the bow which belonged to Odysseus and then shoot an arrow straight thru many axes lined up to reveal an opening for the arrow - that was the man she would wed.  Try as they may - none of the suitors succeeded - then Odysseus disguised as a beggar - asks to take his turn - and he succeeded - strung the bow - shot the arrow - which flew through the hole in the axes.  These suitors then turned on him - they were not going to give up Penelope and the kingdom to this man - so Odysseus had to fight them to the death - he slew all 108 of them - and was able to regain his kingdom along with his wife Penelope.


    While it is possible the History Channel took artistic license with its overall rendering of the Odyssey - still wondering if there is any specific reason for 108 suitors? 

  • Hi Fr. Ian  -  unfortunately, this discussion has been inactive for a bit - but a similar discussion is alive and well on the California page if you care to look - also there is one about Gematria - which is directly related to the Kabbalah .   If you have interest in the Kabbalah - it will eventually be discussed in the monographs - not sure what level - and is also a big part of the Traditional Martinist Order too.  Meanwhile, a good starting point would be the latest Timeline Series Rosicrucian Digest - KABBALAH - you might have received a hard copy in the mail - if not - you can read it online at this link: 


  • What book is that frater where could a lad such as me retrieve it? Peace and blessings
    Neal LeGrande Bertelsen said:

    What about the Kaballah? That's a subject that looms like a mysterious mountain in the recesses of my Soul. Every time I've started to study it, I'm led to the importance and significance -- the DOCTRINE really -- of Numbers. It's funny how the first time I read through the Doctrine of Numbers, was very confusing. The next was less so. Then the numbers started mulling about in my head and heart, and while I can by no means say that I've mastered their meaning (that would take some serious tutelage from someone who knows), I can say that their language of symbol is beginning to make the foggiest sense to me. I intuitively feel DEEP and IMMENSE power in the wisdom of Numbers, and hope that as more and more seasons pass, I'll begin to understand their language, to read it in nature, and in the Mystical Buildings left to humanity. Maybe even one day, I'll be able to practice their art...and I'm talking about something a lot more meaningful than in an Excel Spreadsheet!

  • Dear Sorores & Fratres,

    Per Kathy Moore's constructive suggestion, I've copied and pasted my previous post, without the non-AMORC link.

    The research I do in Renaissance Natural Magic includes Christian Kabbalah and number mysticism/symbolism. Please refer to more info on the connections through number symbolism between Renaissance Natural Magic and Rosicrucianism's ancient Egyptian roots, in my essay published in Rose+Croix Journal Vol. 8 (link provided). That was the paper/PowerPoint I presented at AMORC's 2010 Conference at Rosicrucian Park here in CA.

    Also, I'd like to invite you to attend another paper presentation, also centered around number symbolism and the Rose Cross, at Columbia University on Saturday December 1st.  The 1-day conference fee is only $35. The venue is Barnard College's Medieval & Renaissance Conference.

    In Peace Profound,

    Soror Kathryn

    Kathryn LaFevers Evans

    Three Eagles, Chickasaw Nation

    Adjunct Faculty, Pacifica Graduate Institute

    Engaged Humanities & the Creative Life

    Rose+Croix Journal Volume 8

  • Frater Neal,


    There are those who say there is no such thing as 'coincidence' - that was also covered in the California discussion - Numbers for Fun - as was the Number 23 - which you might find of interest - not to mention that DNA now seems to be on the table. 


    In Peace and LLL,

    Sr. Kathy

  • Lovely Frater Neal,

    Peace Profound,

    Sr. Kathryn

  • Anybody want to venture any mystical connections to the Number of Human Chromosomes? 46 total. 23 in each of the Human Reproductive Cells. 

    I guess I might venture one connection. Through Pythagorean Reduction, 46 reduces to 4 + 6 = 10. This is the Number of Divine Completion, yes? And 10, if you must reduce it to a single digit, reduces to 1 + 0 = 1. And 1 is the Divine Unity, correct? So an aspiring intelligence might argue that the number of Human Chromosomes might just be a coincidence, but in the unlikely even that THAT is all it is, it is a coincidence which underlines the doctrine of Man being created in the Image of his Creator. 

    Reflect us down, down and out through the worlds, and we are no longer the Perfection Itself. But even this mundane realm reflects the Image of what it truly Is. Cosmic God, Show us who we Are! To know. To Know!

  • Oooh, that's cool Kathy. And it's personally confirming to me. I've always believed that to take part in the Divine Nature, one must seek an eternal union of the Masculine and the Feminine. This idea is brought up in SO MANY of the different mystical paths under different names. For example, Alchemy speaks of the sealing and union of the Fixed and the Volatile; also the Sun and the Moon. I think it's one of the reasons why true Marriage is so IMPORTANT and Sacred, and hard to succeed at. I don't know, but I think it's one of the reasons why many Mystical Paths which harbor a system of "Monks" might recommend a celibate lifestyle (outside of the doctrine that the power of sexual forces is not to be trifled with). It's hard to truly succeed at the Eternal Union of the Divine Masculine and Feminine, but if you follow the logic of your post, it might be this very union and balance that make up the nature of the Cosmic "Adonai." 

    I suppose that's not to say that Marriage is REQUIRED to achieve this balance. But in certain paths, if done with the proper guidance, it might aid in the balance of the two 13's towards the completion of the 26. :)


    I have been reading the article written by Soror Kathryn LaFevers Evens (posted above) - the full title might bring some to want to read it:  'Magic and the Binary Code: Renaissance Christian Kabbalah and Buckminster Fuller’s Tensegrity Structures'


    This from the California discussion:

    "Is it just mere coincidence that you are now discussing fractals?  (Snowflakes being my favorite) - especially since Sr. Kathryn, in the article, covers extensively the Pennsylvania Dutch Hex Symbols which fall into the fractal category." 


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