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I Love Meditation. I'm sure that all of us who practice it do. Anyone, from any path that practices it, knows that it is immensely important to what they are trying to accomplish. 

I just wanted to start this discussion group, as a platform for people to be able to ask questions and offer personal advice. I don't mind answers that include things which people have read ABOUT meditation, but I truly prefer guidance which springs from the founts of real, personal experience. We all plunge deeply into the realms of the Inner Being, as deeply as we can. And perhaps we might offer some guidance to one another, for whatever it is worth. Meditation is a personal experience, no doubt. But there are enough semi-shared stages/experiences within it, that adepts of all ages have tried to guide and share these steps with each other.

So allow me to start with a question or two. I close my eyes, and the first thing I see is darkness. As I breath steadily, perhaps intoning some vowel sounds, my mind turns inward. I plunge into the waters of restless thought and emotion, and see that though the body sits still, the mind is Chaos. So I begin. I begin to intuitively swim my way through these waters. The only problem is, THEY NEVER SEEM TO END. A few times, if my stamina is strong, I have lasted, consciously, until that point where the waters calm, and the ripples of my mind become smoothed out into a still, reflective pool. But this is hard to attain. It takes me a certain amount of time and consistency to get to this point, if I even successfully get there. Unfortunately, most of the time when I'm meditating, I reach a point of what I can only describe as "drowning." The restless thoughts come and go. I try to calm my mind as I swim through them all. But as I swim this marathon, my strength fails, my consciousness dissipates, NOT UP, INTO COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS, but down, drowning into the unconscious. Perhaps I'm wrong, but, is this desirable? Isn't the goal to CONSCIOUSLY enter the higher realms?

I don't know. Sometimes I've "drowned" so to speak, and then at some point in my meditation, I "wake up," finding my mind in a very CLEAR state. In this state, there are no restless thoughts, and I can basically focus, meditate, and visualize things with MUCH more ease. So this confuses me. I would like to reach this state CONSCIOUSLY, without having to let go and drown in the mind.

Then again...then again, something about walking into the Silence...drowning in the Abyss to be raised by what lies beyond...maybe it's just part of the process? When we study Alchemy and apply it to meditation, it all seems so controlled, like the Alchemist should always be in control of what he's doing. But maybe there are those times when he's absolutely at the mercy of the Fire outside his vessel, and the Hand of some Greater Alchemist who is transmuting him?

Anyway, food for thought. Love, my Fratres and Sorores.

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  • LIGHTNING STRIKES! I remembered that I had clicked on the link, but closed my browser before I had time to watch the video. I went to my history, and found it. The video was about "Electricity Hiding Behind Dark Matter."

  • Wish I could recall the content.

    I'd like to watch again myself!

  • Thank you George. And Kathy or Leslie, if you could just tell me the topic, or some keywords, I'll search for it on youtube. Thank you Friends!

  • Ah - but I did have a peek - and the topic was quite interesting. One way to share a video is to add it to the Video selection for approval - and when/if approved it will be available for all to see. Thanks for sharing!!!

  • My apologies Neal.

    I deleted it without thinking.

    I was with the Spirit when I posted it, perhaps I will get reminded again at morns Dawning Light?

    My apologies for breaking mans traditions, nothing personal mind ... Thee.

    "Bloom where we're planted", eh brother ...

  • Leslie, can you message me that link? I didn't get a chance to watch it, and now it's gone!

    Sorry :(

  • My deepest apologies George.

  • The Mercaba is our Light Vehicle (Soul)

    It takes off on the wings of Spirit.

    The Dove/LOVE is/of our Hearts.

  • Meditation for me is like the peeling of the Onion.

    We transform like the Russian dolls.

    Layer after layer we go deeper into ourselves ...Grace beckons us, while simultaneously protecting us

    as we assume the posture.

    The connection is a Directed One. imho

    Neal LeGrande Bertelsen said:

    Thank you Frater George! Your nesting dolls really resonate with me! I like that a lot. I've been meditating daily now for about a month, and I start to notice very subtle "steps" I take when entering the Silence. I'm trying to make sense of these steps -- trying to really intuit the best way Inwards. Picturing them as nesting dolls really helps me logically. I hope somehow this logical symbol will help me in my meditation.

    I guess to comment a bit more on your analogy -- that third doll...that's the one that I'm kind of stuck at. Or, at least it's the one that I feel most inexperienced with. I can enter the silence by will and with good intent. Not perfectly, every time mind you. I'm still pinning my personal methods down in that regard. But for the most part, in MOST states of ego-stimulated mind, I'm able to calm, attune, and prepare. 

    After entering in, it takes me a little while to really calm my thoughts. Emotions seem easy enough (in fact, I find that meditation has really just calmed me down in general, to the point where I am mostly just choosing my emotions when I have them), but the thoughts keep arising like the heads of the Hydra. Vowel sounds really help me here, along with just a certain amount of time. I like to meditate by this duck pond near my home. Nature herself has taught me a lot about meditation and the mind. All the little ducks, and turtles and fishes have to calm down before the waters of my mind stop rippling. I equate the symbol of those ducks, turtles, fishes, with my thoughts. Sometimes big geese will fly in and land with a ripping splash that creates a relatively large wake in the water. But if I persist, eventually, the waters of Mind calm, and it is in this state that I only BEGIN to reflect as purely as I can the Light emanating from the Soul. 

    But George, this is where I enter the Mystery. When the mind is calm. It has entered the Buddhist Void, Blavatsky's Silence, the Interiora Terrae of the Vitriol. But it's here, like you said, that the ego is exhausted. I simply don't know what else to do. Probably because, like you said, "I" or ego, is done at this point. I suppose I just need to keep meditating, and I have a hope that someday, Cosmic Consciousness will descend and ABIDE.

    Thank you so much Frater George,

    Love, from your Frater.

  • "you and your soul are very close" 

    Thank you Frater George, it hasn't always been that way, but I'm grateful to say that as long as I'm living in the vibration of love and appreciation, my soul sticks around. When I start behaving selfishly, it's as if I banish my own soul from my being. Sad indeed.

    Love to you.


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