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    The bees get honey from the rose"

  • Thanks,  Soror Joan. 

  • If you are talking about the insect on the lower left side of the rose, I believe it is a bee, drinking deeply. If you compare the shape to the bodies of the other bees you will see what I mean. The quote does seem to explain the spider webs in this picture, though. Douglas's "discovery" is a neat one. the points made by the leaves are quite subtle, but obviously very important, as are the six concentric circles of the petals. I notice that each layer is segregated into seven sections to match the segregated outer layers of the figure in Douglas's first photo.

    It is interesting to note that the "bee" that is drinking deeply is the only one that is deeper than the outer layer.

    Thanks for the thoughts.

  • Sure Frater Isaac join in bring your thoughts and ideas.  

    I think we can see that we can approach a subject such as this from many angles.

  • the primordial elements, fire air and water and the four cardinal points make up seven and the logos or voice of will so the tetrahegramation is made of three made four and four made three, as the earth by his seven companions or seven eyes of the Lord and the seven vowel sounds  and seven Sephiroth.


    The rose cut out compares to the symbol of venus with the circle and the cross  It has the seven points of the star  corresponding to the seven petals of the rose and the seven planets in the vault. Very nice.
    then you have the bee on the rose....hmmmmmmm
    I saw a woman sit upon a scarlet covered Beast, full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns. the seven heads are seven mountains on which the woman sitith. Five are fallen and one is, the other is yet to come, and when he cometh he must continue a short space...
    Shushnah, the Lily is 666. Hesther (Hebrew) isShetar(Egyptian) or the betrothed ( (Kabalistic) bride who is also the beast. Isis Venus Minerva the Virgin Mary the Beast are symbolized by the sistrim three SSS or 666 or the Lotus lily and are evolved from the constellation of the seven stars (androgynous): genetrix or Ogdoad (vault) as the great Bear and her seven sons.
    this corresponds to the sphere of the seven stars above...  or perhaps I should have done as you did an remained silent;).
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  • And thank you Frater JPG. I'm collecting a little Library of Practical Alchemical books and manuscripts and voraciously reading them as I actually start to practice the preliminary Herbal Work. I theoretically understand the need for Transcendental Alchemy in order to have any success in the Practical Material Work, and the more I study the Theory, the more I make sense of everything that's happened thus far on my path, and what I can expect (and strive) to go through in the future.


    Frater Neal

  • Yes Frater Douglas,

    There is a LOT of Truth bundled up in this picture. Our subconscious only needs a few tender moments of projection upon it to start extracting Wisdom (or to use an appropriate Metaphor: to start extracting Honey).

    I remember talking about this picture in a different discussion a few months ago. But it's GREAT that we're coming back to it again (and for me personally, its oddly synchronistic), because I see the Truth in a slightly different light, which allows me to extract even a few more drops of honey from it. Allow me to point out some more food for thought:

    If we take those to be Spiders in the bottom left of the picture, then it's strange how similar their "cross" is to that of the Rose. Almost like they are building on an "imitation" of the Real Thing.

    But there are a few more things to note here.

    The Spiders' cross appears to be a "makeshift version" -- i.e. mere pieces of the actual Rose Bush which have been artificially spun together, providing just enough stability for the Spiders to build their webs and catch the many unsuspecting victims.

    What's more, though they appear to be made of the stems of the Rose, they lead to no Actual Rose like the stems of the True Rose.

    This all makes me think of how Metaphorical Spiders can only build their webs with the support of the Truth of The Rose, which they exploit.

    Continuing the Discussion,

    Frater Neal

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