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Greetings Fratres and Sororers I'am but a beginner in understanding the sefirot and it's many dimensions of communication of the Higer selves but today id like to share with you what I've realized during meditation on the Tiphereth which deals with the aspects of Forgiveness, beauty and healing. During my meditation I felt a sense of relief, this energy deals with the hidden parts of ourselves that may need some work and be brought to the light for further healing. As I reasearch more on the Tiphereth I realize it deals with the heart and part of your purpose on this earthly plane. 

any further thoughts for a beginner that any Fratres and Sororers would like to share is welcomed and appreciated. Much thanks 

sincerly Fratre Brandon 🌹 

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  • This stuff is so confusing sometimes 

    • Hello Dear Nikki, in the beginning is was like this for me too

      with some mediation and contemplating a lot of it even still to this day, I get intuitive ideas and Feelings.

      sometimes I get a feeling of comfort and comes swiftly and goes but it's a figure but they're masking themselves. This experience was interesting for me because I felt Remorse and love in a mix. My angel guardian has been a being I attempt to communicate with more for proper guidance. Due to the Human mind becoming weary at times!!

    • *Angelic

    • Omg in the beginning ?

    • 😆 Yes Sister Nikki , when I joined AMORC my apologies for any misunderstandings!!!

    • What 

    • 🌹 🙏 😊 

  • That sounds pretty cool! I am curious about the meditation if it is something you are willing to share! When looking at how tipherreth is interconnnected throughout I imagined it would be one of the most important areas to keep healthy and strengthen! It seems like keeping your energy in tune with that or centered in that it would allow a large range of perspectives and realizations that are unique to itself! Perhaps that has to do with your experience in finding hidden parts, like new angles viewed or bridges built!

    • The following days after the meditation I have to report I've been in good spirits my mood does seem more joyful and thankful. For example I was happy to take a ride in the car , I also enjoyed the walk to the park more than usual on my way to play some  ball 🏀 

    • Hello Fratre I believe this experience was guided for sure as I felt a sense of remorse, relief  & compassion I can only describe the feelings as a mixture of these emotions at once. It came very suddenly then went away. 

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