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The souls and conscious awareness of animals

As a relatively new member of the order, and as someone who has spent much of his life in the company of animals, I am curious as to whether or not the Order has any teachings relating to the conscious awareness and souls of our animal companions.

In the view of the order, do animals possess an immortal soul or a spirit of a type identical to or similar to that possessed by humans? Did those souls continue after physical dissolution and experience eternity? And is the possession of such a soul or spirit uniform throughout the created world, or does it vary in character from one species to the next?

3419929930?profile=RESIZE_710xAny guidance or information you can share in this matter will be gratefully appreciated.

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  • To those who love an animal companion, and/or have lost their temporal form to transition I'd like to share some recent thoughts that have arisen as, once again, a beloved pet/kitty companion of mine faces transition due to heart failure

    In meditation it came to me that as we humans develop a soul personality, so do animals. As with humans, animals -each - also develop their individual soul personalities within the collective consciousness of their particular species. Perhaps this accounts for why our pets- and wild creatures, too - express varying personality traits within the confines of their species, but as noticable attributes

    All things- beings - are not only capable of both physical and soul evolution, but do so on all levels. Growth and expansion are factors of our current Cosmic Condition

    I cannot indulge in the fantasy of human supremacy over other of Divinity's creations for that is a hierarchical and human egoic conception. When,  in the allegory that God declared Creation as "good", He didn't say that "this or that" was "better"  but simply that it was "good". 

    Why do traumatized and autistic people engage with animals more easily than with people such that therapies involving animals lead to better outcomes? Is it because animals don't have such high levels, or degrees, of egoic constriction as humans? That animals are less judgemental towards humans than humans are?

    Are animals - particularly those considered as "domesticated" - a type of "earth angel" that allow us another avenue by which to love and be loved...and receive companionship and comfort beyond our usual mental and emotional restraints and biases?

    Humans are so quick to confer judgements of supremacy and inferiority over other races, each other, over Nature   etc. Humans once believed that the Sun orbited the Earth and were willing to "inquisition" others who believed otherwise. So perhaps our beliefs regarding the roles of animals are equally erroneous and deficient?

    A higher degree monograph addresses the concept of "dolphin consciousness".. what did the ancients know that our science is only now rediscovering?

    While my meditation revealed that animals do indeed develop a soul consciousness and have definite roles in the evolution of consciousness - both in Nature, of humans, and of themselves, I cannot say how all this ultimately manifests or by what degrees or outcomes.

    I can only "see" and "apprehend" that it is so through my limited consciousness that is restricted by the diffuse "veils" of temporal flesh and density.


  • Thanks to Soror Deborah - discovered the book - ESSAYS OF A MODERN MYSTIC - also has a chapter on the question: "Do Animals Have Souls?"

    Essays of a Modern Mystic by H. Spencer Lewis (rosicrucian.org)

    Essays of a Modern Mystic by H. Spencer Lewis
    Intuition is unlearned knowledge. The mystic is one who has a profound insight into this unlearned knowledge that springs from a cosmic source. Thoug…
  • Dear Frater 

    My personal thoughts- in addition to our Order's recognition of the sentiousness and beingness of animals - indicates that their ability to express selfhood and love is evidence of their soul nature.

  • Oh dude, there are whole dissertations on the love of the animal kingdom. Cheers and Welcome!!!

  •  Hi William - was thinking of you again today when responding to a thread on the Rosicrucian Park page - 'Developing Unconditional Love For All Living Creatures' - which you may care to have look at:


  • Chapter 16 of Harvey Spencer Lewis's book - Mansions of the Soul - addresses the question of whether animals have souls.  The excerpt below begins the Chapter - along with a link to the book:


    "THE QUESTION OFTEN arises as to whether animals lower
    in species than the human being have souls and what becomes
    of these souls after transition. Again this question occasionally
    implies that each animal has a distinct and separate soul which is in
    nowise connected with any other soul of the universe."

    "We cannot know of the so-called animal soul what we have been
    able to learn regarding the human soul for obvious reasons, but we do
    know that there is an Oversoul essence for all of the animal kingdom
    as there is for the human beings of the universe. This universal
    soul essence pervades the bodies of every living thing in the animal
    kingdom. Incidentally we may add that there is also a universal soul
    essence for every living thing in the vegetable and mineral kingdoms."


    • Much gratitude for this new Truth and Wisdom. PEACE PROFOUND!

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    • Greetings George, Much gratitude for this perspective. Constrained or unconstrained is more objective. I have loved teachings about other orders of thought, how the ideas are presented without any emotional bias. This feels that way. Thank you, and PEACE PROFOUND. 

    •  Many thanks,  Fr. George.

  • H. Spencer Lewis also touched on this subject in his book "Mansions of the Soul." He dedicated a chapter to the soul of animals. I think you'd find it very interesting.

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