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Greetings Fratres and Sororers, Mission Joy - Finding Happiness in troubled Times is a Netflix documentary showing us and the mundane thinkers the proof and benefits of meditation. In this beautiful documentary of revelation, Struggle and joy we see Arch Bishop and the Dali lama sitting ever so peacefully and having a in depth discussion about their past and the experiences they’ve went through and what they’ve learned from these experiences.There is a point in the video where the Dala lama takes his monks to a lab where MRI scans are done for the purpose of studying the function of the Brain. It goes something like this, they gathered a group if people that never meditated a day in their life, then the gathered the monks that meditate daily. They were told they would feel a shock and in a few seconds after they heard a (beep) The group that does not indulge in meditation instantly lit up with signals in the parts of the brain responsible for pain, even though no pain was felt physically the knowledge of the shock coming creates the sensation of pain.In the monks which to remind you are indulging in meditation daily, did not show any signs of distress until the shock was actually applied. This can appear subtle but for the scientific community this was huge and something they’re now looking into more is the power of Meditation and how it may lead to humanity’s overall Happiness. What illusions do we create in our minds ? And how does this effect of our imagination create our Reality?

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