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The mechanics of Karma and Synchronicity

Hello all,

This is my first post since becoming a member and I entered a conversation with a gnostic who purposes that synchronicity doesn’t exist and uses the term serendipity to explain these events. This individual also insists that karma or karmic law is not mechanical in nature. He insists that karma is overseen by beings who dictate the karmic response to a said action.

I don’t know why but neither of these concepts resonate with what I know (through my own gnosis) and I am unsure if I am experiencing simple cognitive dissonance or because his perspective isn’t accurate.

I would like to know from other Rosicrucians, what your understanding of these concepts are (synchronicity and karma). Mainly, because I am concerned with getting to the truth. I want nothing more but to understand the oldest and most accurate versions of these teachings. Perhaps this will be shared with me in my future monographs.

I have the understanding that karmic law is more mechanical in nature, like many other laws. It does not necessarily weight the intentions of an individual but more so the end result. And the effect of said cause is not dictated by another higher being. I believe synchronicity experiences are outward projected confirmation of being in alignment with our higher self or what is (reality). We experience more synchronicity when we are aligned with reality vs when we are not. I can’t get myself to use the term “serendipity” to describe this. Am I way off here?

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  • Peace Profound Sorer! Every path leads to the One! no matter what you call it, or perceive it! It's still the One! Every individual is going to have an opinion as to what is truth, when all truth are nothing but half truths! Keep up the learning! You will be amaze! The AMORC teachings are not mere opinions, these are teachings that have been tested, through out the Centuries. I dare to say Millenium, with well attested proof! by our Past Masters & Ascended Masters! Practice what you have learned, and will continue to learn! You will find what you seek! Patience is a virtue! Listening only to the master within!     

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  • I can relate to hearing other peoples experiences and them not necessarily matching with my reality at the time! I have stumbled upon a saying, "There are three sides to truth. Your side, my side and what really happened." (please excuse my grammar it is a work in progress, and I also do not know where this quote came from but it is not my work.) When I found myself in these situations I too wondered about things such as cognitive dissonance, however reminding myself about this simple quote would help in order to take a step back and look for the commonalities so that some new revelation or insight may come to fruition!

  • Hi Jeanette!

    I had no idea you decided to become a member! I appreciated our chat about this stuff last time we had spoken!

    Firstly, congratulations on becoming a member and engaging in stimulating discussions with other members. It's always exciting to see people take an interest in exploring spiritual concepts and their different interpretations.

    Regarding your friend's perspective on synchronicity and karma, it's important to note that these concepts can have different meanings and interpretations depending on cultural and spiritual backgrounds. For example, as you may already know or have studied - some spiritual traditions view karma as being overseen by divine beings, while others see it as a mechanical law based on cause and effect, more akin to a Wheel that you move with your feet and you are always at the top of the Wheel (Alan Watts.)

    Your understanding of karma as a mechanical law that operates based on cause and effect is valid and aligns with the teachings I have so far learned with Rosicrucianism. In this context, it's believed that the consequences of our actions are determined by the nature of those actions, rather than being influenced by any external forces.

    In terms of synchronicity, your belief that it is an outward projection of being in alignment with your higher self or reality is also valid. Synchronicities can be seen as meaningful coincidences that serve as signs or confirmation of being on the right path.

    While the terms synchronicity and serendipity are often used interchangeably, they have slightly different meanings.

    Synchronicity refers to meaningful coincidences that can or may occur without any apparent known cause, but that hold significance or meaning for the individual experiencing them as an effect. Synchronicity is often seen as a sign of being in alignment with one's true self or with the universe as you mentioned.

    Serendipity, on the other hand, refers to a fortunate or "happy accident," where something unexpected and beneficial happens by chance. It is more closely associated with discoveries or opportunities that come about through luck or chance.

    So, while the two concepts may be related, they are not exactly the same thing. If you're describing an experience where you feel that you've received a meaningful sign or confirmation of being in alignment with your true self, synchronicity would be the more appropriate term to use. There are no coincidences with synchronicity. With Serendipity, you are either lucky or not. If you're friend is trying to use Serendipity to EXPLAIN Synchronicity, it just might be the interpretation. But if your friend is using Serendipity to downplay the significance of Synroncities, then its possible your friend lacks further understanding or just sees synchronicity as mere stroke of luck. I think from speaking with you before - you and I meeting at the time was not stroke of luck, but more asynchronous to out frequency from the state of our being in that snapshot of time. One can attribute that to luck, sure. Ask me if I do. ;

    Was seeing this comment today and here serendipity synchronicity? Maybe an element of both?

    That being said, language is constantly evolving and the meanings of words can change over time or depending on context. Ultimately, the most important thing is that you are accurately expressing your thoughts and experiences, whether you choose to use the term synchronicity or serendipity and what that means for you, least your friend there.

    It's important to keep in mind that there are many interpretations and beliefs surrounding these concepts, and what resonates with you may not necessarily resonate with others. However, seeking to understand the oldest and most accurate versions of these teachings is a noble pursuit and will undoubtedly enrich your spiritual journey. :) 

    Hapoy to see you. No you are not way off. You are exactly where you need to be. ;) 

    • How remarkably synchronistic that we would cross paths once again! 😆

    • Love it :) 

  •  Don't know how I forgot to mention this, The book "Unto Thee I Grant" provides a wonderful description for karma:11022954084?profile=RESIZE_400x11022954657?profile=RESIZE_400x11022954858?profile=RESIZE_400x

    • Plan on reading this book thank you for sharing Frater 🌹 

    • Of course! I can't recommend it highly enough; looking forward to further discussion of it's contents with you in the future, Frater.

    • *Fratre

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