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Greetings fraters and Sorors, been thinking about this for some time investigating my own thoughts and feelings and observations of other's patterns of speech and behavior has lead me to this conclusion. Quite frankly music has a powerful influence on our speech and our behavior, ultimately our perception and understandings can be deepened through music. 

soilders before war listen to certain musical notes to get them motivated for a battle.

athletic leaders and players play motivational songs that'll get them in the zone for the game.

mystical sounds and mantras create certain affects on the minds and bodies of the listener. 

It is important that we're careful with the music we listen to and soak up in our minds. I'd love to hear other Fraters and Sororers opinions of music it's effects. 

plato had the right idea about music 🎶 but i believe Aristotle might have had a broader understanding of how we should utilize it.

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    • Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter

      This explains our world of music from this quote alone Frater Larry peace profound 

    • I watched both and am not really surprised.  I always suspected this intuitively and had this theory (which is wild as I know absolutely nothing about that music, have found it extremely distasteful and it didn't sit well with me) and floated it by people who were "fans" and they thought I was an idiot.

      Also this private prison thing was somewhat covered in a show I used to watch called Orange is the new black. 




    • I didn't have to watch that video soror Faith unfortunately I was brought up in the environment where I observed the effects of music 🎶 on people thoughts , speech and behavior. For a 6 year old boy from Grenada 🇬🇩 this was strange and I was shy most of my life until the power of rap music influenced me through my older brother. Fast forward to 27 or 28 I cut all modern hip hop songs out my playlist and scope of listening. I often discuss it quite frequently with the Misses how influential hip hop is and destructive most of it is. Especially the modern music. At one point rap was about giving up your guns, respecting your mom or women and being a citizen of the universe and community. Now it is absolutely Destructive I just pray 🙏 and do what God wants me to do Face it with Mad Heart ❤️‍🔥 and a stable mind  🌹 

    • Frater Brandon,

      This is a cool statement! I have also had similar experiences where the music winds up influencing on a subtle level, but with a mindset of growth and understanding I found more options that help to keep a nice variety as well as not influencing my subconcious to do things I normally wouldn't consider! Even things like metal music! If I am angry it is easy to want to work in that energy rather than changing it, and am guilty of this more than I would like to admit, but realizing it and being able to take a step back and take control goes a long way!


      Awesome Thread! Thanks for pointing me in this direction!

    • Thank you for that , I sincerely appreciate the feedback Brother!!!

    • * power of rap amongst other things 

    • Thank you for sharing and contributing to the discussion Frater, yes we're reminded to be mindful of what we take in as Mystics and only soak up things that is worthy of a Mystics consideration and is of good standard/Well being. 🌹 

  • Now this is fascinating! And really gets across how sound vibrations effect water 💦 I'll be like 72% of the human body is made up of water as is the Earth coincidence?


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