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Greetings fraters and Sorors, been thinking about this for some time investigating my own thoughts and feelings and observations of other's patterns of speech and behavior has lead me to this conclusion. Quite frankly music has a powerful influence on our speech and our behavior, ultimately our perception and understandings can be deepened through music. 

soilders before war listen to certain musical notes to get them motivated for a battle.

athletic leaders and players play motivational songs that'll get them in the zone for the game.

mystical sounds and mantras create certain affects on the minds and bodies of the listener. 

It is important that we're careful with the music we listen to and soak up in our minds. I'd love to hear other Fraters and Sororers opinions of music it's effects. 

plato had the right idea about music 🎶 but i believe Aristotle might have had a broader understanding of how we should utilize it.

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  • Well said, I fully agree. I've discussed this idea a lot with the musicians in my life, family, and friends. The way music is designed and marketed to people has a lot to do with how they're feeling and the direction they put their energy in, and what type of energy that is. Guides societies, cultures, and civilizations in a lot of ways. A lot of it inspires bad vibes and can take some people dancing along down an equally bad path. Just from the music! Other stuff makes you feel great, inspires you to think great thoughts, and in turn, do great things. That's what I've been sticking to for a while now, since I really picked up on the difference, and it works, compared to some of what I used to listen to when I was younger. There's good reason behind why many religious institutions around the world involve the ringing of bells in beautiful tones as a way of warding off harmful energies and spirits. Those things are within us, and shared by us all collectively, and the more beautiful notes more people hear, more often, the more beautiful the human environment and experience can be!

    • https://youtu.be/-1aAunaw1GA

    • I finally had time to listen to that.  thanks for posting it was super informative and I really get what you were saying about feeding your mind and thoughts with the music you choose to spend time with.


    • I'm happy you listened Faith, Plato was pretty well informed on the matter of music amongst other things from my understanding of his views.  I've been listening to the music you've been so kind to share here 😊 

    • I couldn't agree more Frater , you beautifully described the difference between Harmony and disharmony within society based on our Music choices. Traditional Martinist order (TMO)  in the higher degrees actually go in to this topic. Plato and Aristotle was actually adamant on music and saw the same effects it has in the societies in their times. 

    • Thank you for the video Frater! Fascinating, never knew their take on music in this way, and I'm happy to hear that TMO focuses in on this as well. I'm going to dive deep into this. I really love feeling the connection with others maybe hundreds or thousands of years before myself, feeling the same things and having drawn similar conclusions already. Deeply humbling to know that no one is ever really "the first", always just one among many, sharing common thoughts across time and space🌹✝️

    • 🌹 ✝️☀️

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