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Greetings Fratres & Sororers , how can kinships and safe environments and spaces be formed where people feel more comfortable to share what they may be going through. First I believe we must show a kind of understanding & Calm Mind therefore we're not judging the individuals moral character but accepting them as they're. In doing so I feel we can effectively give proper advice if they're seeking. It is important as Rosicrucians that we Monitor & Guard our thinking so as to avoid any criticism or unfavorable attitudes towards our fellow members and humanity. 

jesus the Christ actually had the same message in a gnostic text entitled (The dialogue of the savior) in the ending of his message. as translated he is telling us to watch ourselves, as to say we should supervise our daily energies we put out and take in. 


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  • Some great points. It seems we must be continually mindful of guarding our thinking. And, sifting and sorting our thoughts so they continually reflect our highest aspirations and ethics.

    Think what our world would be if this was the goal of humanity. Wow!

    Peace 😊 

    • I can only imagine and in fact I may just do that. Add to my list of positive thinking God  knows we need it in our world & It is surely a continuous process soror Gail 🌹 😊 

    • 😊🙏

  •  Awesome text and concept reference that I needed to be reminded of ! Thank you !

  • This is a topic that should be constantly present in today's world. It is proven that judging others only brings division and injustice. In Liber 888 we find a powerful quote that allows us to understand that although human justice might not always be assertive Divine Justice prevails over all. It says "...all victims of human injustice should take comfort, because Divine Justice will eventually prevail and cosmic laws are constantly working so that the wholeness of each human being may be recognized, at the most opportune moment for the good of his or her spiritual evolution." 



    • In agreement with this quote & your sentiments Fratre everyday we should practice this 🌹 

  • Absolutely

  • Love this! 

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