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Our individual missions in life

Any thoughts on why each of us experiences the joys and challenges we face during our lives as well as the relationships that we form and people we meet?  Perhaps these are situations that are presented in our lives that we previously knew we needed to learn from, or karma?

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  • Another Soror posted a brief explanation and the following link to an article entitled 'Our Brothers Keeper' which appears in the December 1926 Mystic Triangle:

    "It explains in it that "each change in life brings with it an accompanying period of adjustment" & that "very often these periods of adjustment manifest as periods of unrest, uneasiness,inhibition of activities, and a seeming check in the progress being made.""

    December 1926.pdf (rackcdn.com)   

    • Thank you for that article I myself read it and feel like that is a reminder we should keep ourselves mindful of as much as possible. I've got plans myself like most people. Much appreciated I'll be saving the link 🌹 

  • I am catching up on posts in this Forum Discussion this morning, have been absent from Group for a short bit.

    I came across this recent discussion that you might find interesting on the topic of Karma:


    Additionally, here is a link to a podcast from our archives on the topic, provided by one of our long time members:



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  • Greetings Sharon.  Have you read H. Spencer Lewis' book "Mansions of the Soul"?  This book provides explanations of how karma (law of cause and effect) flows through our lifetimes providing us with opportunities for spiritual growth and evolution.  Additionally Dr. Lonnie C. Edwards' book "Spiritual Laws That Govern Humanity and the Universe" is helpful in working through past, current and future karmic principles from a personal perspective.

    Both of these books assisted me with reflecting on life experiences in such a way that proved helpful overall.  From this perspective, I learned to be more aware of lessons as they are presented versus resistance of such.  Good topic :)

    Both books available for free download in pdf format (and more) at rosicrucian.org/texts.

  • I kind of see it as a bit of both at the same time, the essence of who you are affecting the choices you make which lead you to, or attracts these experiences to you, and only in experiencing them can you idenitfy and draw your own lessons from them, if you can see them that way, or not. 

  • Dear Soror,

    We are now alive and our thoughts and actions are determining now under the cosmic law of cause & effect.

    I am afraid that individual missions are generally misleading us, deceiving us. Why do we have to be alone for a mission? ;-)

    Perhaps the main mission is to give up our individuality and discover the essence remaining after that. This is not easy and very easy. :-)

    Our ego has to evolve. Adverse looking events we face are guiding us to evolve, take steps forward for this evolution. So, what is joy? What is challenge? What is suffering? Nothing is as it seems... Can we see the truth?

    As Sufi tradition explained, we can only see the waves and form our thoughts and actions based on them. However, what causes those waves? There is a big and deep sea behind those waves... We still experience and analyze the waves but search truth also beyond our eyes, ears and senses. 


    • Dear Fratre, thank you for your words...a lot of food for thought, and this helps to unravel what has led up to certain important times and decisions in one's life it seems.

  • Greetings soror, these challenges and joys etc that we may experience can be for a variety of reasons. For the challenges we face it could be a lesson Discipline, patience, Forgiveness, non judgment etc 


    it all really depends on our choices, what area is this choice coming from , why did I choose to say or do this , we even have a choice in what we entertain mentally and energetically. We can choose to let thoughts to let some thoughts 💭 pass by without engagement bbut for various reasons we engage either to our own detriment or not. The same philosophy can go for our choice of words and actions in our everyday life's. The best thing to remember is when we make an area it's best to move on from it and not dwell and beat ourselves up for it.but making modifications in our choices as time goes. 

    • Hello frater, thank you for the thoughtful words. What do you think of how karma from previous lives may affect a present life?

    • Personally I'm not too focused on the past life's & how it effects me now. Because our soul personalities are an accumulation of our past life's hence our personality today. We're guided through our thoughts and emotions what is needed for us to learn, reflection of our experiences etc will bring awareness to this. It's definitely more to it because as you know we're here to assist others as much as we can and raise the vibrations of self and especially others.

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