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Is your intuition "you"?

Been working my way through this thought/observation for many years now, and very recently came up with a conclusion that myself and some friends I've discussed it with have found rather interesting. My intuition, or "gut feeling", has always come across to me as being very familiar; almost a dejavu-like familiarity to the sensation, as well as the synchronicity felt within the following action/inaction and the resulting consequences, good or bad. A sense of "knowing" that exactly what my gut was telling me is in fact going to result in exactly the outcome that I know it will, without actually KNOWING what I'm sensing is about to even happen, or choice I'm about to make. "Time travel", as it is understood and presented in an exoteric sense, through mediums such as storytelling or movies, generally defines the function of time travel as being possible by moving at faster-than-light speeds. A couple weeks ago, I was watching the John Carpenter film "Prince of Darkness" for the first time, and there is an aspect of the film involving "psychic messages" being sent back in time telepathically from the future, via tachyons, particles that are theorized to be able to move at faster-than-light speeds. Upon hearing this described in the movie, I immediately Googled "how fast does human thought travel?", returning the answer (I had no conception of, but still suspected): "Thought is finer than ether, the medium of electricity. Thoughts excel light in speed. While light travels at the rate of 186,000 miles per second, thoughts virtually travel in no time". So, a whole bunch of sensations, observations, suspicions, hunches, and conclusions from throughout my life, concerning intuition and gut-instinct sort of came full circle and I realized that maybe your intuition is actually a future you, or a potential future version of you, thinking backwards from that "now" into a memory of the event that your current self is only right now about to experience; sort of a "nudge" through time and space, clueing you into the events about to transpire in your experience and decision making (sounding a lot like 'Interstellar' now😅). This could also be related to a technique I've employed throughout my life, as I've become better attuned to what I was doing, going deep inside into painful and traumatic memories, breaking down the detailed process of events that led to said painful experience, and building an objective understanding and acceptance of what I had experienced at the time, allowing me to effectively rectify and reorient the trauma away from something weighing me down, into an uplifting and illuminating lesson that my current self can now integrate into my conscious awareness of things moving forward, allowing me to avoid similar circumstances and also impart the lesson upon others so as to help guide them towards healing their own traumas, or guidance on how to avoid their own negative and unwanted situations in the first place that could potentially result in lasting painful outcomes for them. Am I "altering" past events in a way that my current self can experience through the healing that comes of using this technique? Thoughts?

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    • I will ad that Fratre Ralph has actually discussed this in great detail and understanding. I'm in full agreement with what you and imperator Ralph m Lewis has shared on this topic.

      for instances he states that everything we do now in this incarnation will determine who will become in a future incarnation, in other words our incarnations are not predetermined and it is simply determined on how we exercise our Free will Here & Now! 

      with that perspective in mind our soul In attuning with cosmic consciousness is aware of future events in ways that transcends the understanding of our ego selfs. As I've heard great mystics say.. after all the cosmic masters are aware of our most intimate thoughts, emotions etc they do not hinder our free will but know our predisposition just like a Teacher knows the tendencies of their students in a classroom.

      i have had experiences where conversations I've thought about mentally actually happened at a future date , I've also had dreams that predicted my exact location during certain events taking place!!

    • 🙏😊

    • Dual consciousness is interesting btw I've heard this concept and experience before in a book entitled (Seth speaks, the eternal validity of the soul)

    • Thank you for your book recommendation. I've read some Seth books  but not this one. Just bought the Kindle version and looking forward to reading it.


    • 😁 🙏 

  • Hello,

    I'd like to report that you are not alone in this. I've actually had the same experience where it's like my future self was sending a message to my present self and I would suggest that it's possible we could actively do this in the present (for instance in a mystical state of expanded and/or cosmic consciousness). These sorts of strange time-related psychic events happened to me a ton when I was a teenager when I was actively studying psychism and practicing theurgy. I can't claim to know how it works but I would like to think, based on the experiences I've had with such things, that Time is not a barrier for the power of the mind (or perhaps it just doesn't confine the spirit). 

  • Dear Frater Michael, an interesting topic indeed!

    My thoughts will explore/navigate these momentous questions and considerations that you raise as I don't truly know the answers but have pondered them similarly

    Our monographs teach that there is no "reality" to our perceptions of time, distance, or space...In Cosmic "Actuality" all is now, present, and here

    That human consciousness cannot perceive this totality, we, instead, perceive in "increments" of consciousness resulting in what seems to be a passage of time. So in a sense we seem to be intuiting information across time and space. But, is it possible that the Eternal, indwelling Soul-essence within (and around) us that is unrestricted by the perspectives and restrictions of time, space, and distance, simply knows and conveys this information to our conscious awareness

    We are always intimately connected to Cosmic Consciousness, but an awareness of it is "veiled" by the material density of flesh, egoic imperatives, and to what degree we are able to refine our receptivity (mystic practice allows us to hone this connection)

    I too have had consequences resulting from ignoring an intuitive warning

    Perhaps time travel, as Star Treks's Vulcans postulate 🤭 is immposible because, as the Rosicrucians contend, there is no Time

    Consciousness is everywhere present. Mind Is. Sometimes we are able to perceive this greater Awareness...we can literally glimpse the Akashic records!

    Thank you for this interesting topic. I'll continue to meditate and ponder these lofty questions...likely for the remainder of my life

    Peace 😊 

  • When I was learning about Einstein in grade school 25 years ago, I asked my favorite teacher if there was anything faster than light, and she said "thought" is faster.

    There is a delay between the moment a thought/event occurs, and the time it takes to realize/understand it. What we think and experience is already in the past a little bit.

    But another interesting thing happens with time. To compensate for lag, the mind will begin predicting the future and give you a future story of what might happen in T+1 second. Now that you have this future story, you can be prepared to act upon things before they happen, and act upon things immediately when they do happen rather than with a delay. We see this demonstrated in the motor skills of Olympic athletes, figure skating, professional boxers, fighter jet pilots, etc. It's not just due to high reaction time, it is action based on future predictions. Since these are future predictions, then it is no longer reacting to something which occurred, it is now acting or pre-emptive action based on the simulated future story of something which might occur.

    A good explanation is baseball and swinging the bat early so it hits the ball just as the ball flies over home base. Hand eye coordination. It's never easy to get it perfect because you're playing against an opponent (the pitcher) who tries to fool your coordination.

    Even another interesting thing happens. Just like these future stories of T+1 second, the mind can even do T+1 hour, or T+1 year. Results get more fuzzy the further out you try to predict.

    Time is a bit funny. There is an empirical linear timeline we can all witness and write down and agree upon. But there are memories from the past and simulations of the future which everyone has occurring alongside the linear timeline. Past memories (experience) inform us of the familiarity of a situation (insight), which when applied to a future prediction will grant coordination to our motor skills. This enables the batter to hit a baseball going 100 mph. That coordinated effort of past/future produces an empirical linear timeline that we all experience called "Now".

    Perhaps we are like subtle time travellers, meeting back up in the "Now" very often to share/coordinate our thoughts. Just an idea :)

    • Love it😁 

    • I'll add to this Fratre perry by sharing a story with you all. In this occurrence the Frate shared that as he was driving & had to turn (right)because home is heading that way. But an inner voice told him to turn left instead and he thought to himself "why would I turn left" he listened turns out there was an accident at his usual route. The soul perceptions is vast. It senses but it's senses are beyond time. Hence in he gospel text master Jesus spoke to his disciples and instructed them to rise above time. This can also be translated to a relationship with the soul (Master within)

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