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Is your intuition "you"?

Been working my way through this thought/observation for many years now, and very recently came up with a conclusion that myself and some friends I've discussed it with have found rather interesting. My intuition, or "gut feeling", has always come across to me as being very familiar; almost a dejavu-like familiarity to the sensation, as well as the synchronicity felt within the following action/inaction and the resulting consequences, good or bad. A sense of "knowing" that exactly what my gut was telling me is in fact going to result in exactly the outcome that I know it will, without actually KNOWING what I'm sensing is about to even happen, or choice I'm about to make. "Time travel", as it is understood and presented in an exoteric sense, through mediums such as storytelling or movies, generally defines the function of time travel as being possible by moving at faster-than-light speeds. A couple weeks ago, I was watching the John Carpenter film "Prince of Darkness" for the first time, and there is an aspect of the film involving "psychic messages" being sent back in time telepathically from the future, via tachyons, particles that are theorized to be able to move at faster-than-light speeds. Upon hearing this described in the movie, I immediately Googled "how fast does human thought travel?", returning the answer (I had no conception of, but still suspected): "Thought is finer than ether, the medium of electricity. Thoughts excel light in speed. While light travels at the rate of 186,000 miles per second, thoughts virtually travel in no time". So, a whole bunch of sensations, observations, suspicions, hunches, and conclusions from throughout my life, concerning intuition and gut-instinct sort of came full circle and I realized that maybe your intuition is actually a future you, or a potential future version of you, thinking backwards from that "now" into a memory of the event that your current self is only right now about to experience; sort of a "nudge" through time and space, clueing you into the events about to transpire in your experience and decision making (sounding a lot like 'Interstellar' now😅). This could also be related to a technique I've employed throughout my life, as I've become better attuned to what I was doing, going deep inside into painful and traumatic memories, breaking down the detailed process of events that led to said painful experience, and building an objective understanding and acceptance of what I had experienced at the time, allowing me to effectively rectify and reorient the trauma away from something weighing me down, into an uplifting and illuminating lesson that my current self can now integrate into my conscious awareness of things moving forward, allowing me to avoid similar circumstances and also impart the lesson upon others so as to help guide them towards healing their own traumas, or guidance on how to avoid their own negative and unwanted situations in the first place that could potentially result in lasting painful outcomes for them. Am I "altering" past events in a way that my current self can experience through the healing that comes of using this technique? Thoughts?

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  • Jumped the gun a bit in posting this of course, as the next monograph up in line for me was, of course, mandamus no. 7, concerning intution😅 Always happens to me, that something on my mind will immediately pop up in life somewhere within just a few hours or days. I guess that's the idea here though, should have figured that would be the case. Very glad for the wonderful responses, all very thought provoking!

    • Dear Frater,

      This happens to many of us. We have a question, then along comes the Cosmic with confirmation!

      Your intuition is YOU. However, it may confound, or fail ro resonate with the "you" that you think/perceive that  you are.

      YOU are/is the infinte, Soul-Self. The little "you" is your egoic, unrealized self. So, yes, your Intuition is YOU,  but maybe not "you". YOU is Realization of your True Self. The "you" is learning, adjusting, evolving, aquiring. Intuition is the bridge.

      Peace 😊 

    • Brilliant😁

    • 😊🙏

  • Your personal experience is most valuable in evaluation of what anyone claims to know.  There are many teachers, all with their opinion, and yet, what is, is what is most important.  As we travel down this path of Life, there are many interesting and alluring paths, each a fork or exploratory offshoots from the main path.  We take these paths and discover where they lead.  We can go far astray.  Yet, if we understand by experience and personal evaluation that this teacher is off, we can take a mental shortcut back to the true path and continue down our ways.

    My personal experience is that RELATIONSHIP is the most important aspect of this journey.  I have met some truly dark souls quite developed in their abilities.  Their inward feeling, the inner universe of these, their state of mind, is/was and option, but did/does not appeal to me.  Again choice.  This does NOT mean that we have absolute free will.  If this were so, the truly wicked would have destroyed everything in their madness.  

    My advice is to become a pure soul, a pure traveler down this mystical path.  Thus, through life, we MUST admit our mis-steps, our sins and do our best to remediate them.  Quality repentance from all wickedness is the Path to Life.  In Kabbalistic terms, YHVH Elohim then begins to be your guide.  If you refuse, Elohim alone interacts with your thoughts, your life.

    How far can you go; how much can you develop spiritually/mystically?  Discipline, desire, and personal connection with the One Who Is takes Personal interest in you.  You are desirable, a treasure, and will be assisted along your journey into the Heavens.  It is even possible to see glimpses of the past, and glimpses into the future you will be given to you, to encourage you; to lift your heart.   

    • Wonderfully put, I couldn't say it better myself. Thank you frater. Admittance of what is actually wrong is the only way to make the necessary adjustments for yourself with any accuracy. Assuming a bad wheel bearing is just a problem with the air conditioning will get you nowhere, fast.

  • Dear Frater and Sorors,

    The Order teaches both vibroturgy, also called, I believe "theurgy", wherein one holds an object and received psychic impressions from it. The Order also teaches techniques for opening the "book" of the Akashic records that one may learn past and future because, as AMORC teaches, there is no Time on the Cosmic plane. 

    While time travel of the physical substance of a person is unlikely. We can certainly "time travel" via attune attunement with the Cosmic to events that to us are cloaked/trapped in the concept of Time as we experience it as material incarnations.

    An interesting thing that happened to me twice in my life is an experiencing of dual consciousness where I was aware of my self in this incarnation and simultaneoulsy aware of myself in what seemed to be a parallel reality and what was happening to me there AT THE SAME TIME! That was kind of spooky.

    Has anyone else on this discussion Forum had that experience?

    Peace :)

    • Exactly, I've thought that time travel as it's portrayed in various medium we're familiar with is simply allegory for what is possible in the mind, but cannot be translated easily onto screen or written about in such a way that it is as exciting  or marketable as the idea as a person physically traveling. For a number of years now, after observing and thinking about it my entire life, I came to refer to my memory as "time travel", as it is the best description I could muster for how vivid and perfectly real my memory of most life experiences feel. Much like you described, the only way I can really say what my memories feel like is almost like an augmented overlay within my mind's eye, that I'm simultaneously wherever I am physically, doing whatever I'm doing, while also perfectly inside of and experiencing a time and place somewhere else in my memory. I can feel, smell, touch, taste, hear, and even feel the sensation of my own thoughts occurring at that time. Feels like "time travel". Sometimes it's fun, and I can play around with it and enjoy the experience, other times not so great, depending on the memory I'm experiencing. The way you put your overlap of the two seperate perceptions sounds very, very similar to the way I've come to define my own experience with that!

    • Gail,

      Theurgy means "Divine Working" in Greek and often refers to ritual practices to aid in a connection with the divine. I think the term you might be looking for is "psychometry" (at least one term for it) where you hold an object and can receive psychic information and visions from interacting with the energies that are on it. You can see the people and past events that the objects gone through.



    • Dear Frater Benjamin,

      You are absolutely correct! My mistake. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

      Peace 😊 

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