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Contentment In Life ( Part 2 ) - My Rosicrucian Moment 

" What may wealth give me that I do not have now? Could all the money in the world give me more than a good appetite? Could great wealth give me more than a satisfactory meal?  Have I not all the air to breathe necessary for health? I can walk under the same blue heavens, enjoy the same bright sunlight, and see the same stars at night.  I enjoy good health, the love of children and a loyal wife.  I still have two affectionate parents, the exclusiveness of a sanctified home, the respect of my neighbors, the trust of my business associates, the good will of every co-worker and employee,  the love and friendship of hundreds of men and women in America, and the enmity only of those few whom I have exposed in their attempts to injure friends or harm the innocent.  And - greatest of all - I have God's great force, his very essence, vibrating in my body, as I have His love in my heart.  Can the powers, influences, and the black magic of wealth give me any greater gifts than these?   And can I have greater pleasures than I now enjoy, devoting my contented life to helping others, realizing that these simple, inexpensive, yet priceless things make for real happiness and contentment in life? "


Dr. H. Spencer Lewis, F.R.C. RC. digest, May 1986


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