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Curious to have a conversation about "what is consciousness". And what has or is consciousness or is composed of consciousness? 

Very interested in what the Rosicrucian philosophy says about this, as well as your own intellectual analysis and intutive experiences. 

Thank you 🙏❤

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  • There is a vast amount of material on this topic.  I performed a search at rosicrucian.org/text, here is a list of recommended reading material.  In addition, our monographs will provide insights as you move forward, providing much for your contemplation.  Enjoy  https://www.rosicrucian.org/search?search-input=consciousness&x...

  • What is consciousness? That is  a great philosophical thought and question Fratre 

    Everything is Embedded with Consciousness a rock , you and I etc consciousness is immaterial and Material simultaneously. So it is soul ? Or is soul beyond consciousness? Consciousness is an attribute of the soul according to Rosicrucian philosophy. Which seems sensible because due to soul consciousness can project itself, experience itself and expand. 

    soul from my intuitive understanding is beyond anything we can conceive, but how consciousness interacts with us thorough body , mind & soul may give us a Fraction of what the Cosmic Soul is. We are a visible manifestation of something invisible. 

    I should add I get the idea  that we're truly a body  of vibrations & light each of us in our journey are vibrating at different rates this is a clue to our true identity. 
    which I feel while incarnated in physical form can only be understood to an Extent.

    consciousness is life itself, it is that Life being aware of itself being alive and how it interacts with this feeling and idea of life.


    • Regarding your point about light and vibration - if you have any interest in the physics or scientific approaches to understanding how we may be composed of electromagnetic waves (light), I recommend checking out eileen day mckusick's work. 

      I remember a vedic philosophy class I sat in once that also described these different layers through where consciousness originates from. Something like "I am" turns into "I know I am", and then all material reality expands from that knowledge of self. 

      When you said Cosmic Soul, is this another term for God? Or something else?

    • (Mansions of The soul ) goes into the the universal soul and how every human being is connected to it 

    • *By Harvey Spencer Lewis 

    • I'll look into it Fratre I just read a previous degree that went in to the details of electromagnetism and magnetism. I've done some personal reading on the matter. 

      what is God ? Is God an individual being or universal being? Cosmic soul from my perspective is the totally of The one! 

    • By god in this context I mean the universal being. 'first cause of all things'

    • As an analogy God is the projector and we are the projection of its actuality, whence at some point we are all to unite again. Animals,humans etc in this way the soul is universal because our connection with the one and with one another is never severed. It is constantly being projected throughout the universe interconnecting!!

    • Ahh yes , Cosmic soul would be the total. The one is connected to everything but is distinct only in the fact of being the creator as you stated the first cause. This understanding of what we call "God"

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