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Left candle burns quicker

This is a weird observation, but I noticed that my left candle burns quicker. I am using 12" candles. This creates a dilemna when you get to the bottom and want to replace both candles but one still has an inch and a half left.

So, I decided to switch

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9 Replies · Reply by Shelly 12 hours ago

The Path Of Initiation

Greetings Everyone,

I would be curious to about the experiences of other, particularly more senior, members on the path of initiation.

I have watched videos about Rudolf Steiner's talks on the subject, and have recently discovered videos of Pablo Sende

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4 Replies · Reply by David D on Friday

The Theosophical Society

Good day, Fraters and Sorores,

I am wondering if anyone has had direct experience with the Theosophical Society? I recently read something where H. Spencer Lewis spoke very highly of Madame Blavatsky (except for the fact that she made her mission on e

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21 Replies · Reply by David D Sep 9

You are here for a reason.

As I finished writing my thoughts into a humble poem to express the thoughts I will write here I have been compelled to share this explicitly instead. 

* * * * *

Do you feel like you were part of a bastardized inheritance? Did you go through hell and b

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Numbers For Fun

# - Going way back to 2012 - threads for 'Numbers For Fun' were quite active on both the California and Florida pages.  Maybe its time for another discussion thread on this Forum -  with any and all numbers the focus.  Some of us have numbers that se

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113 Replies · Reply by Justin Miller Aug 25