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The Poem Of Two Hearts

No one without a heart ever attains to pure enlightenment.  Learn to love another for the sake of the other and the Teachings may bear fruit for you.  

There is a very ancient saying from an Egyptian mystery school,

"Father Temu and Mother Nun care not

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New Year

It was great to make it out to the first meeting of the "new year". May not make it out too often with twins on the way. But was wonderful to experience our energy today. -Frater Jeff

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Rosicrucian Digest....

I am new to this community online.  My goal for joining is to widen my horizon by associating more with people who think like me, and are in harmony with the rhythms of my being.

That said:   Will you share your thoughts on the latestissue of the Dige

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New Member

Thank you for the invitation to the Atlanta Lodge .I hope to visit soon,I have wanted to visit for a long time,since 1987 when i become member of the order,see ya soon,Frater Bob Sellars,FRC

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